I'm Rochelle and my world exists within the beautiful details. I've set out to create this business solely because I wanted to care "too much" about something. I am deeply passionate about curating the perfect experience and the esthetic of the product I produce. My goal is to anticipate your needs before you even know they exist. I love lavish foods, it delights me to arrange them in creative ways. I love discovering new flavor combinations and displaying them on my grazing boards.  I love knowing the stories behind the products I choose and supporting those that align with my vision. 


Starting a company, for me, has always been an unavoidable fate. I mostly blame my incredible parents for this blind tenacity. They were never very good at letting me fail, so I've never believed it to be an option. Although I am a self proclaimed introvert I thrive in social situations, mainly because I love taking care of others. Two decades in the service industry, has provided the time and space for me to master this skill. I've curated events and experiences in a vast array of situations from fine dining to private luxury yachts to vineyard picnics. No matter the situation, my goal is always guest enjoyment and satisfaction. 

I adore what I do, people often tell me that this is evident in the way that I do it. If given the honor to work alongside you to make your event perfection, I hope that this will be evident to you as well. 

With love and passion,



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Joji, Life Coach

There is something for EVERYONE and people are still talking about it.

Patrick, Realtor

I recently attending a wedding the Copper Comb catered and was absolutely blown away by their work.

Pam, Mortgage Broker

Rochelle goes above and beyond to make the spread beautiful and delicious, no matter the size.