About Us

Our mission is to bring more beauty into this world through lavish, elegant grazing tables, boards and boxes.

When you provide your guest with a catered grazing table, You ignite creativity and allow them to curate their meal.

Grazing boards also give freedom to customize the spread and meet the needs of each individual. There is always  something for everyone.

We are a company that caters to the senses. 







Our core belief is that food should be a sensory experience that nourishes the whole person.


About Us

A little more

The goal of Copper Comb is to use local and sometimes imported, sustainable, artisanal products.

We are located in the land of plenty, where local farmers, cheesemakers and butchers abound but also understand that there are some very tasty products that can only be imported. 

We also will do our best to support the small businesses of our community.